COVID19 – Is it changing Portfolio Management as we know it?

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people from all walks of life to make some fundamental reassessments – both personally and professionally. Executives have been forced to rethink some foundational assumptions about markets, customer needs and thus portfolio responsiveness.

Admittedly, the more resilient an enterprise/ a portfolio, the better placed it is to cope with a variety of risks and challenges. But to become resilient, one needs to have faced setbacks & learned from them. And to remain resilient, it needs to stay aware of its own vulnerabilities and avoid complacency.

In this webinar, Vikas Kapila will share tips and tools an Enterprise can use within its portfolio(s) to stay aware of changing market conditions, identify its vulnerabilities with a sense of urgency, avoid complacency and build a sense of danger to thrive in the emerging Digital Age.

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About the Speaker:

Vikas Vikas is a business transformation practitioner with a passion for applying lean-agile principles, behaviors, and practices to enable the delivery of business value with built-in quality in a predictable and sustainable way. With over 15+ years experience applying agile practices, Vikas excels at quickly delivering business value, simplifying the complex, and delighting customers.

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