Do you have a Digital Transformation Strategy?

Digital Transformaiton Webinar

Acknowledging the need for digital transformation is the easy part for most firms today. Not so easy is to envisage the full scope of value available from modern digital technologies for your business. Also difficult is to develop a digital transformation strategy that fully leverages this value.

Without a comprehensive assessment of what digital technologies can offer, firms tend to declare any application of digital technologies – in whichever aspect of their business as digital transformation. Consequently, firms often make ad hoc business decisions and suboptimal investments in digital technologies.

This webinar, presented by Professor Mohan Subramaniam in association with Digité, will discuss how your firm can craft a digital transformation strategy that is optimal for your business needs and goals.

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About the Presenter:

Dr. Mohan SubramaniamDr. Mohan Subramaniam is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Carroll School of Management in Boston College. His research focuses on the digital transformation of incumbent industrial firms and new sources of competitive advantage in the digital age. His work highlights how traditional firms, long accustomed to competing with products within familiar industry structures, can find new sources of value and growth when competing with data within emerging digital ecosystems.

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