Enterprise Agility with SwiftEnterprise

Enterprise Agility

Agile methods have helped in improving team performances. Adopting the right tool-set that helps in implementing the right development and management discipline is critical for its successful adoption across all teams within the organization. SwiftEnterprise is one such platform that helps Agile teams to –

  1. To visually view, plan and prioritize their backlogs effectively
  2. To visually track the execution of Sprints and Releases
  3. To monitor progress through a standard set of dashboards

In this webinar, Mano Cherian, VP at Digité, will walk you through the capabilities of the SwiftEnterprise Platform that has helped teams to adhere to disciplined development processes and be well integrated to deliver a common objective.

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About Presenter:
Mano Cherian ImgMano Cherian has been with Digité for the past 17 years and currently serves as VP – Business Development at Digité.

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