Getting Requirements Right for Business Agility

The Lean-Agile body of knowledge has grown into a vast source of resources over the last two decades. There are numerous thought leaders who have contributed to this. However, in this maze of information, it is hard for any leader who has been delivering software for the past many decades to understand how to meet business or customer commitments if they move to a Lean-Agile approach.

We conducted a webinar series spanning 6 sessions where we will help you understand how organizations can deliver Business Agility. We discuss how to define Requirements in the Lean-Agile way, how to Estimate, how to Forecast, how to Test and how to improve Agility over a period of time. You can find more details of the Business Agility Webinar series here –


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About the Speaker:

Sudipta LahiriSudipta Lahiri has been in the IT industry for nearly 3 decades. He brings together a mix of experience across various IT Services and product companies. At Digité, he heads the Engineering and Product Management functions. He leads the development of SwiftEnterprise, SwiftKanban and SwiftEASe products. He is passionate about Lean-Agile transformation and has led Digité’s transformation process and helps various organizations in that capacity.

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