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The last 2 decades have seen significant improvements in software engineering. The adoption of Lean-Agile thinking and modern Engineering & DevOps practices has made rapid delivery with high quality possible.

Yet, our workforce is largely as disengaged as ever. The emergence of moonlighting, quiet resignation, etc., established that people have very little attachment to the team or to the impact they hope to make.

Humanizing Work helps bridge this gap. Rapid digitization, coupled with Covid, has resulted in a rapid decrease of human moments. Humanizing work focuses on how we can build people-to-people connections and/ or people-to-organization connections. We fill in on some of the gaps in our understanding while emphasizing those that we are aware of but haven’t leveraged adequately to help build workforce engagement.

Of course, any such change needs the whole ecosystem of stakeholders to understand the why and see how they can contribute. With a distributed remote workforce, well-designed tools can play a critical role in bridging this gap. In this Webinar, we explain how organizations and teams can help build people engagement by focusing on Humanizing Work.

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About the Presenter:

Sudipta LahiriSudipta Lahiri has been in the IT industry for over 3 decades. He brings together a mix of experience across various IT Services and product companies. At NimbleWork, he heads the Engineering and Product Management functions. He leads the development of Nimble & SwiftKanban products. He is passionate about Lean-Agile transformation and has led NimbleWork’s transformation process and helps various organizations in that capacity.

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