Introduction to LeanNow™

This 50-minute webinar is designed for anyone interested in rapidly applying Lean in their organization. It is appropriate for owners and top executives, department and division heads, Lean practitioners, implementation teams, and Lean team members.After attending this webinar, you will be able evaluate the appropriateness of Lean for your organization, compare LeanNow to other approaches, and share the underlying principles with others.

The webinar is presented by Randall Benson, Lean master and the developer of LeanNow. Randall Benson is a confessed Lean heretic. He is also an author, speaker and business consultant. Randall has always been fascinated by organizational breakthrough and innovation. Lean is a breakthrough of great import. Yet, Randall had resisted the orthodoxy of the Lean “keepers of the truth”.

In this webinar you will understand:

  • The critical importance of doing flow before waste reduction
  • How LeanNow is different from traditional Lean
  • The Lean principles embedded in LeanNow
  • The key advantages of the LeanNow approach
  • Why other Lean experts haven’t talked about the principles of LeanNow
  • How LeanNow achieves Lean faster and with less resources
  • The LeanNow management process
  • Tools that enable LeanNow
  • How LeanNow focuses and accelerates waste removal

[rankya_youtube_schema id=”upGH3U8C5t0″ videotitle=”Introduction to LeanNow™ with Randall Benson” desc=”In part 1 of our Accelerated Lean webinar series, Randall Benson stresses the importance of focusing on flow instead of waste reduction as a means to achieving a rapid Lean implementation.” durationmin=”62″ durationsec=”40″ uplod=”2013-10-03″ rating=”TRUE”]

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