SwiftEnterprise 5.0 Webinar

Experience Enterprise Class Agility with the power of Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the SwiftEnterprise 5.0 Release!

Come, join us for a webinar with Bhavesh S, Product Owner – SwiftEnterprise, on 16th November 2018 at 03:00 PM IST to know more about the new features in the following areas:

  • Team Dynamics Analytics
  • Slack Chatbot BETA
  • Sprint Burndown Widget
  • Release Burnup Widget
  • Cross Item Pivot Analytics

Here is the recording of the SwiftEnterprise 5.0 release webinar:

[rankya_youtube_schema id=”iriFPfnnWkQ” videotitle=”SwiftEnterprise 5.0 Webinar” desc=”This Webinar mainly concentrates on the SwiftEnterprise 5.0 release having improvements in the following areas: 1. Team Dynamics Analytics 2. Slack Chatbot BETA 3. Sprint Burndown Widget 4. Release Burnup Widget 5. Cross Item Pivot Analytics” durationmin=”40″ durationsec=”56″ uplod=”2018-11-19″ rating=”TRUE”]

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