SwiftEnterprise 7.0 Webinar

We launched SwiftEnterprise 7.0 over the weekend and we’re excited about this major release!

This release focuses on helping you scale your agile execution with support for custom work hierarchy levels across multiple projects. You can choose from a variety of ways to track Progress which is suitable for the hierarchy level and visualize it on the value stream board itself!

SwiftEnterprise now gives you the flexibility to track any card on the execution board. There’s also an enhanced card designer. Along with these new features for managing your Agile Programs effectively, we’ve revamped the trainer for our chatbot that now helps you fine-tune its responses, map user utterances to intents directly and even generate training examples with the power of AI.

Apart from these new features, we have made significant improvements to our External Work Requests capability as well.

Here is an overview of what’s new in the SwiftEnterprise 7.0 release.

Check out the release notes here:

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