Webinar – Untangling Organizations For Cloud & DevOps

The move to software has unlocked massive value for some companies while creating massive confusion in others. In this webinar we’ll share how the move to cloud and DevOps exacerbates this crisis in organizational responsibilities. We will share some ways for leaders to make sense of the situation, identify areas of organizational incoherence, and develop a practical plan to resolve these issues. By delivering on this plan, leaders can chart a path to better serve their customers and improve profitability for their company.

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About the Speaker:

Jeremy Pullen Jeremy Pullen is the CEO of Polodis, a DevOps transformation advisory firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Most digital transformations are blind to the impact on people and organizations due an inability to map the organization and architecture coherently. Polodis advisors are technologists who are deeply aware of how to design cloud-friendly and compliant organizations.

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