Webinar: How Agile Are We?

Answering the question “How Agile Are We?” is typically done by auditing and reporting practice adoption.

At LoyaltyOne, the customer loyalty platform behind brands such as AirMiles, they wanted a more meaningful way to report progress with their Agile transition. They wanted a dashboard that showed real improvements in business agility and a more meaningful contribution to business outcomes and the management of risk.

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About the Speaker:

Shuman IpShuman Ip is the Associate Director, Agile & Lean Practices in LoyaltyOne, the company behind Canada’s largest loyalty program – AIR MILES® Reward Program. His responsibilities include removing flow impediments, managing delivery risk, implementing qualitative and quantitative feedback loops, and establishing work policies. He works across multiple scope from the team level to the value stream service delivery level to the enterprise level. Shuman values partnering with customers to resolve their problems without much surprises.

Throughout his three years in LoyaltyOne, Shuman has worked with 3 delivery pipelines across 8 functional departments as the Service Delivery Manager. He has also spearheaded an enterprise-level visualization board to make the interdependency among delivery pipelines more transparent.

Outside of work, Shuman cohosts KanbanTO and SystemsThinkingTO Meetups in Toronto to foster a community of continuous improvement and leadership.

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