Digité Enterprise v 6.4 is Released

Digité Enterprise, v 6.4 is Released with Smarter Project Financial and Efficient Resource Planning. Digite, Inc., a provider of leading-edge Agile ALM and Kanban tools, has announced the availability of the latest version of its flagship product, Digité Enterprise, v 6.4 in both SaaS as well as On-Premise versions.

On this occasion, Mahesh Singh, Sr. VP – Product for Digite has remarked, “Resource and Financial Planning has always been complex and challenging, more with distributed and virtual teams. The composition of worldwide SaaS landscape is evolving, as vendors continue to extend regionally, and increase penetration with existing accounts, “Greenfield opportunities”, etc. All this needs effective Financial Planning—labor or non-labor. In this release, we have focused on simplifying the Financial process, involving Estimating and Budgeting.”

Speaking about the Release enhancements Mahesh adds, “We have improved Resource Planning features to provide better views for effective utilization of skills inventory and availability. We are confident that with improvements in these significant areas, and other usability enhancements, you will experience for yourself, why Digite is above all competitors in the Agile ALM market.”

We are developing methods to make the Digite experience easier and more efficient. A rundown on the significant enhancements in Digité Enterprise ver. 6.4 are listed below:


The entire Finance module has been simplified to enable quick definition of budgeting templates, labor/ non-labor resource categories and various types of financial transactions. Now, the project stakeholders will also get an insight into the Financial Estimates to review the financial feasibility/alignment to convert viable requests to projects. Other enhancements introduced for Project Financials include -Better alignment of Financial Estimates with Resource Plan, Micro-allocation of Non-Labor Resources, Reformed Transaction log to record income/expense transactions, all of which enable effective financial tracking of budget against actual.

Resource Management

The Resource Management module is augmented with features such as cost and price association to a user by default and which is inherited into a project based on the role. This provides the ability to acquire accurate role-wise capacity data for the exact specified duration, availability based on the allocations and better alignment of Resource Plan with Resource Search.

Further, in the Resource Plan, Project Managers will now have two additional perspectives for comparison of Budgeted and Actual Allocation – i.e. monetary (Cost) and time (Hours) in the Grid view. The view is more informative with color-coding and information based on tooltip, and a graphical view for quick analysis.

Improved Portfolio Dashboards/Reports

Several usability improvements are made in Portfolio module to enhance user experience.
Users can now plot dashboard components to better report status of Organization eForm-driven entities such as Projects, Users and Project Requests.
The exporting and printing of reports is extended to several other reports.

More Functional and Usability Enhancements

Digite – MS Project Integration now supports Microsoft Project 2010.
Starting with v6.4, Digite now also support Firefox version 4 and Internet Explorer version 9 browsers for the application. Many changes have been implemented in the Access Configuration module to provide a even more granular control for defining role-based access permissions.

Besides these release features highlighted above, there are several other enhancements related to Notifications, Timesheet, Tasks view, etc. for an overall enhanced user experience.

For more details, please visit https://www.digite.com


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