SwiftKanban 3.5.2

Hello again! We’ve improved our card search capabilities with this update and you now have the ability to track throughput for every Smart Lane!

Improved Text Search in List Views

You can now filter card lists to show cards satisfying multiple search criteria. All you need to view list of cards with matching text is to type your search string in the required filter box. You can use multiple search strings too, just separate them with commas and search! Also, if you want to exclude search results containing the search string just prefix the first search string with ~ (the tilde symbol).

List View Search

Throughput by Smart Lanes!

A new option, ‘Smart Lane’, is now available for the ‘Stacked By’ Filter. What this means is that now you can track throughput for every Smart Lane.

We’ve improved our Analytics filters and the filter visualization – so at any point, you know exactly what data you are looking at. You will find more details here.

Applied Filters
As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome! Just write to [email protected] or you can post them on the SwiftKanban Feedback page.


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