SwiftKanban Feature Update Release – Nov 2016

In this update the SwiftKanban team introduces several enhancements and new features.

Here are the highlights of this update:

  • Filtering Cards As Per Common Field Values
  • Analyzing Inactive Cards
  • Alternative Navigation for Burndown Chart
  • Filtering Cards Using Multiple Conditions

Filtering Cards As Per Common Field Values

Earlier, board cards were filtered only on basis of general/ default fields. Now you can filter board cards on basis of the newly-created common field values.

Analyzing Inactive Cards

Now, using the board activity filter, you can also view the number of inactive cards.

Filtering Cards Using Multiple Conditions

Take your board filtering skills to a whole new level by letting the board filter display cards that satisfy multiple conditions at a time.

If you are new to SwiftKanban, sign up now and check out these cool new capabilities! Also, do provide feedback on how you like this update and how we can improve further.

Happy Kanbaning!


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