Project Management Without Resource Allocation? You really Don’t Want to do it


Ever felt like a circus performer trying to keep a dozen plates spinning while riding a unicycle blindfolded? That’s project management without resource allocation. Relax, stressed-out hero! This guide will turn you from a juggling klutz to a project-crushing champion.


Just think this – You’re a Marketing Agency. You’ve got a client for a new shoe launch who wants the next viral sensation. But wait, there’s also a grumpy bank needing a serious website revamp. Assign the wrong people, and things get messy (like a clown car full of angry shoes). Resource allocation is your secret weapon to avoid this footwear fiasco. 

Why You Should Care About Resource Allocation in Project Management?

Imagine your project as a delicious pizza. You have a whole lot of toppings to deal with, coding, design, marketing, and the work. Resource allocation is like the spatula that slaps those toppings on just right. The right people on the right tasks at the right time?

Boom! Efficiency = City, Population = YOU!

Pmi Survey

That’s crazy! Right? According to a PMI Survey over 74% of companies have no organizational standards for resource management. No wonder things get messy.

Here’s the delicious truth about effective resource allocation:

☑ Productivity on Fire: By matching skilled team members with fitting tasks, you eliminate wasted time and effort. Think of it as putting the puzzle pieces together – the right person for the right job, bam! Productivity soars like a majestic eagle.

Cost Control: Proper allocation keeps project costs in check. No more paying someone to write code when they’re a social media guru extraordinaire. By strategically assigning resources, you get the most bang for your buck, leaving more cash for, well, celebrating project wins (with fancy snacks, obviously).

☑ Happy Team, Happy Life: Feeling valued and using your skills is amazing! Effective allocation keeps your team engaged and avoids burnout. Nobody likes a grumpy pizza chef, right?

☑ Clients Who Sing Your Praises: When projects hit deadlines, budgets, and quality standards, clients do a happy dance. Think confetti, high fives, and a never-ending stream of project requests (hopefully the good kind!).

The Not-So-Fun Stuff (But We Gotta Deal With It)

Alright, let’s be real, resource allocation isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Here’s the slightly less delicious reality:

☑ Project Goals Gone Rogue: Ever planned a small website tweak and then BAM! Do you need to redesign the whole thing? Resource allocation might need a makeover too. Flexibility is key!

☑ Busy people with No Time: we know your team rocks, but they’re juggling projects between like a soccer ball. Knowing their availability is crucial. Don’t overload someone who’s already drowning in deadlines. We all know how that ends (hint: tears and missed deadlines).

☑ Life Happens (Surprise!) Someone gets sick, the printer explodes (again!), or that crucial ingredient gets delayed. Be prepared for the unexpected and have a backup plan (or two) in your pocket.

Secret Tips for effective resource allocation (Nobody knows but you)

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some battle-tested strategies to conquer resource allocation:

☑ Plan, plan and plannn: Develop a rock-solid project plan outlining everything from goals to deadlines to (you guessed it) resource needs. This is your roadmap to resource allocation success.

☑ Match skills, not just wills: Match resources to tasks based on their expertise. It’s like putting a square peg in a square hole (except way more effective!).

☑ Tech Tools to the Rescue: Nimble Project Management is your secret weapon. It tracks team availability, workload, and project progress in real-time, making data-driven decisions a breeze.

☑ Embrace Flexibility: Be prepared to shift resources as needed when projects take unexpected turns. Think of it as a Jedi adapting to the Force (or at least a project manager adapting to a changing scope).

☑ Communication is Key: Open communication with your team and stakeholders is vital. Keep everyone aligned on priorities and resource use to avoid conflicts and ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Real-World Example: Marketing Campaign with Super Resource Allocation

Imagine a marketing team launching a social media campaign. Sarah, the project manager, starts by outlining the campaign goals, target audience, and content needs. Then, she assesses her team’s skills, identifying social media whizzes, graphic design gurus, and data analysis Ninjas.

Using a Project Management tool like Nimble, Sarah creates a schedule, assigning tasks based on skills and availability. Nimble also lets her monitor workload and identify potential bottlenecks (think overflowing inboxes, not traffic jams).

Resource Management - Rm

As the campaign progresses, Sarah stays flexible, adjusting resources as needed to tackle surprises or capitalize on new opportunities. Open communication with the team ensures everyone’s on the same

Finally the End!!!

Resource allocation is a force multiplier in projects being successful It’s about putting the right people on the right tasks, at the right time. This means happy, productive teams, satisfied clients, and projects that hit deadlines and budgets. Think of it as the spice rack of project management – you wouldn’t use cinnamon for scrambled eggs, and you wouldn’t assign coding to your design guru. By using everyone’s strengths, you get more done in less time.

Sure, there are challenges like shifting goals, busy teams, and unexpected surprises. But with a little planning, some tech tools, and open communication, you can be a resource allocation specialist and wrangle your projects to success. Sign up now for a free trial of Nimble.

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