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Be Nimble! Work Nimble!

Today’s work environment requires organizations and teams to be nimble – and adapt rapidly to market demands. Remote or in-person? Traditional or Agile? Top-down or Bottom Up? Nimble has you covered! Let our collaborative Work Management solutions help your teams connect in real-time, collaborate effectively, and deliver Work and Projects successfully.

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AI-Powered Visual Work Management

Deliver your Projects with Agility and Ease!

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Hangout at Nimble Café! Share news, ask for help or give kudos to your peers!

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Manage Work Visually on Powerful Kanban Boards

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Combine Traditional Planning with Agile Execution

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Harness the power of AI-based Recommendations for Better Decisions

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Deliver your Projects Successfully!

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Nimble Products

All-in-one Adaptive Project Management

Comprehensive Visual Work Management that helps teams to collaborate successfully and deliver seamlessly. Whether they are doing Projects or «business as usual» work, and whether they use traditional tools such as gantt charts and task lists or Agile tools such as Kanban boards, Nimble is the ideal tool for them.

Nimble Project Management

Comprehensive Agile for the Enterprise

Nimble Agile has you covered with the most comprehensive set of Agile capabilities that your teams could desire! Plan your Upstream Value Stream with Portfolio and Roadmapping. Plan your Downstream Value Streams using Sprints and Releases on a Visual Kanban board to minimize Lead Time and maximize Velocity/ Throughput. Whether you use Scrum, Kanban or Scrum with Kanban (Scrumban), we have you covered!

Nimble Agile Project Management

Hybrid Agile - Best of Both Worlds

Nimble Hybrid provides a flexible framework that can accommodate both traditional (waterfall) and Agile execution methodologies. It allows teams to customize their workflows based on their specific needs. Nimble is the only Hybrid platform where PMOs can easily manage both Agile and Waterfall projects on a single platform, and teams can combine Waterfall planning and Agile execution in a single project!

Nimble Hybrid

Up your Game - at Work!

Save on thousands of hours of lost productivity. Get away from email, spreadsheets and notes on your desk – and organize your teams’ work in a Work Management tool that helps you and your teammates rock! Whatever your team’s workflow, we have a Template for it. Nimble Work Management helps you streamline processes with Lean thinking, improve Collaboration, and provide real-time visibility into Projects and Workflows.

Nimble Marketing Template

Visibility to Enterprise Projects and People

One Platform to tame them all! Nimble Enterprise provides the full range of Project and Work Management capabilities that an Enterprise needs. Enterprise dashboards provide a full status on Projects and Demand/ Capacity planning. Project and Workflow templates for the entire Organization. Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid capabilities to meet each team’s needs! If you are ready to turbocharge all your teams’ Productivity and make your organization’s work Visible, Nimble Enterprise is the platform for you!

Nimble Analytics

Nimble Retro

Retrospectives are critical for Continuous Improvement! It’s the best way to hear from your people doing the job! For a retrospective to be effective, one needs an open, free, safe environment to express and share their opinion. 

Nimble Retro

Nimble OKR

Nimbles OKR helps you adopt the OKR philosophy within your company. Objectives and Key Results help everyone in the organization set their goals in alignment with each other and create measurable outcomes to ensure that the goal is achieved. 


Zero Trust Architecture

Protecting your data & privacy. "Never Trust, Always Verify".


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