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Work-Life Balance? You got it!

Strike the right balance between Remote and In-person, Traditional and Agile, Top-down and Bottom Up, Task Ownership and Resource Assignment, and so on. Let our collaborative Work Management solutions help your teams connect in real-time, collaborate better, innovate, inspire each other, and succeed together – delivering projects efficiently.

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Visual Work Management for the Hybrid Workplace

Remote or On-premise, Manage your Projects with Ease!

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Hangout at Nimble Café! Share news, ask for help or give kudos to your peers!

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Manage Work Visually on Powerful Kanban Boards

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Combine Traditional Planning with Agile Execution

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Get Full Visibility into your teams’ Work

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Deliver your Projects Successfully!

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All-in-one Adaptive Visual Work and Project management platform that helps teams to collaborate and deliver seamlessly. Whether you use Task Lists, Gantt Charts or Kanban Boards, if serious work or project management is your thing, Nimble is for you!
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Resource Management

Assign the right people to the right project at the right time using Nimble’s People Management solution. Nimble People Management allows you to plan your resources in the project & keep track of people allocation data with the help of the Utilization view and Demand vs Capacity view..

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Nimble PPM gives businesses the ability to link their business objectives from impact to ideas, expediting the accomplishment of their most important goals.

Portfolio Management

Nimble Work Management

Improve your work by moving from Excel-based processes to tool-based processes. Nimble’s Work Management templates help streamline processes, increase collaboration, and provide real-time visibility into project progress.

Nimble Work Management

Nimble Enterprise

Nimble Enterprise is an Adaptive Project Management platform that automates your Work. It’s built to help you get all your Work done, no matter what stage of the process you’re in.

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Nimble Retro

Retrospectives are critical for Continuous Improvement! It’s the best way to hear from your people doing the job! For a retrospective to be effective, one needs an open, free, safe environment to express and share their opinion. 

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Nimble OKR

Nimbles OKR helps you adopt the OKR philosophy within your company. Objectives and Key Results help everyone in the organization set their goals in alignment with each other and create measurable outcomes to ensure that the goal is achieved. 

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Zero Trust Architecture

Protecting your data & privacy. "Never Trust, Always Verify".


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