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Nimble’s AI-powered capabilities bring a new dimension of efficiency and productivity to your work management. By harnessing Nimble’s AI features, you can optimize your work processes, make informed decisions, and propel your team towards greater success, all while saving time and effort.

AI-Powered Visual Work Management

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Hangout at Nimble Café! Share news, ask for help or give kudos to your peers!
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Manage Work Visually on Powerful Kanban Boards
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Combine Traditional Planning with Agile Execution
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Harness the power of AI-based Recommendations for Better Decisions

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Nimble AI Assist

Nimble AI Assist, an innovative solution that capitalizes on the power of Generative AI models to seamlessly perform routine actions on work items within your inbox.  This cutting-edge technology facilitates seamless navigation to screens and provides immediate access to pertinent help information, catering to all your inquiries. Nimble AI Assist further enhances your workflow by helping you intelligently prioritize tasks, enabling effective decision-making.

AI-Powered Auto-fill

Say hello to seamless work management with Nimble’s AI-powered Auto Fill feature. This technology takes automation to the next level, saving you valuable time and effort in data entry. Gone are the days of manual input and potential errors. Nimble’s Auto Fill feature intelligently populates fields (based on historical data) with relevant information, saving your time and effort. 

Semantic Similarity

Nimble’s AI engine comprehensively examines project data to identify similarities and connections, offering valuable recommendations for smoother workflows. Save time and effort with easy access to related workitems, enabling efficient collaboration and informed decision-making.

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A different kind of a Project?
We have a Template for that!

A rapidly growing, community-powered set of Project and Workflow templates to help you get off the ground quicky. Use the default template or modify it quickly and easily to suit your needs!

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HR Management is made easy through the templates assisting you to execute the process and monitor the projects seamlessly.
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Here are Nimble’s general-purpose templates that help you quickly get started and set up your requirements. These templates can be used by anyone to create and track tasks, assign work, manage your team, etc.

Use Nimble’s sales templates to keep track of your leads, build a customized pipeline, create an effective onboarding process and more. Use these templates to organize your prospective leads and customers while also planning your strategy for the road ahead.

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Plan, Manage, Execute and Monitor all your Marketing Projects using the customizable Templates.

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