Digité SwiftALM 2.0 Raises The Bar on User-friendly Enterprise Project Management Software


Cupertino, CA, June 21st, 2017 – Digité Inc, a leading provider of Application Life Cycle Management Software solutions, announces the release of SwiftALM 2.0. This release features many usability and UI enhancements resulting in a more powerful user experience. This release also marks the launch of the SwiftALM mobile app.

SwiftALM 2.0 brings in key features and enhancements that will significantly optimize the way you perform various activities in SwiftALM. With a fresh bold UI and several improvements to the dashboard, SwiftALM brings you ultimate flexibility.

New UI/ UX Dashboard:

The dashboard has been revamped to provide better usability. The user can now sort, resize and define individual widget sizes. There is a carousel view for the widgets which shows the chart, table and legends together for each widget so that you can focus on each, one at a time.

The new thumbnail navigation makes it much easier to switch between different pages/ widgets, just by clicking on the thumbnail icon, thereby eliminating the need for scrolling. Also, resizing the card view has been simplified – the user has to just click on the Size box icon, i.e. M, L or XL, and the card will resize automatically, instead of the typical way of dragging the card.

New Mobile Application for SwiftALM:

With the release of SwiftALM mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms, it is now easy for SwiftALM users to track and act on the work items assigned to them on-the-go in a seamless manner.

New Themes:

To enhance the visual appeal of the UI further, there are four new vibrant themes available in SwiftALM. The user can set the one which suits their interest accordingly from the “user preference” section.

For the complete list of features & updates, please visit: https://www.digite.com/products/nimble/

If you are interested in learning more about SwiftALM 2.0, please contact us at [email protected]

About Digité:
Digité, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based provider of leading-edge collaborative Agile and Lean/ Kanban products for Software/ Product Development Lifecycle, Global Delivery of Technology Programs and Projects, DevOps and Visual Portfolio Management. Digité has been at the forefront of Lean/ Agile development and management solutions, providing rich insight with data-driven predictive analytics to technology organizations. Its products SwiftALM, SwiftKanban and SwiftSync are used by some of the largest IT, software and technology companies with geographically distributed global teams. Digité has over 750,000 users worldwide. All of its products are available in SaaS and On-Premise versions.

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