Digite December 2016 Newsletter


Happy Holidays!

The entire Digité team wishes you Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with prosperity and success!

In this issue of our Newsletter, we focus on DevOps and Kanban – two significant initiatives that product, software and IT organizations worldwide are implementing. On the one hand, DevOps has become a key part of an enterprise’s effort to become Agile in products and systems delivery. On the other hand, Kanban, especially Portfolio Kanban, is finding high acceptance in all Agile teams. As a visual method to collaborate, measure and improve performance, Kanban delivers high productivity!

Happy Holidays

DevOps Principles and Practices

In this blog, Bob Aiello explains that DevOps is not just between development and operations, but can be practiced between any two organizational structures which need to improve how they interact with one other.

Devops Principles And Practices

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How to scale DevOps: Recipes for Larger Organizations

Jay Lyman explains the steps to be followed while implementing DevOps at scale in an organization, and the importance of support from C-level executives for DevOps practices. He also shows some tools and metrics for scaling DevOps.

Scale Devops

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Revolutionizing Portfolio Management with SwiftKanban!

In this blog, our Product Manager Priyank Parekh demonstrates how SwiftKanban makes it easy to support portfolio management at various levels of the organization.

Portfolio Management

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The Tangible Value of the “Intangibles”

Sudipta Lahiri SVP, Digité discusses the importance of having intangibles in a stable Kanban system and how they benefit businesses in the long run.

Stable Kanban System

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Product Update

SwiftKanban November Feature Update!

In the November update of SwiftKanban, we made important updates to how you can use custom attributes for filtering your Kanban board as well as simplifying the Card Aging feature.

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