Digite Announces Availability of SwiftKanban v 1.4.5

Mountain View, CA – We are back with some new and exciting feature updates to SwiftKanban. In this release, we have strengthened the support of SCRUM in SwiftKanban with Time-Tracking capability, Burndown and velocity charts and the much-awaited tablet interface for SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick peek into the new features that you can experience.

iPad and Tablet Support

Experience Swift Kanban on the go with new SwiftKanban boards supported for iPads and all other Tablet devices. Hassle-free and instant access, as there is “no app” to be downloaded, “no special configuration” rigmarole to be followed to make it work. You can view your Kanban board, view and edit cards, add comments, and move cards on your tablet. This is an early version and we are constantly adding rest of the board features, but while we are at it, do enjoy the experience and tell us if it has come out, as the way you wanted it to be.

Time-Tracking Plug-in

We present you with our new Time-Tracking plug-in, which allows you to enter Actual/Remaining hours against the card To-dos that are accounted in the newly added Burndown/ Burn-up charts. This is an initial beta version of the feature, but we could not resist releasing it to all of you to try it out and provide your valuable feedback.

Release Burndown Charts

The SCRUM teams using SwiftKanban can now track the progress of their releases using the newly introduced Burndown/ Burn-up charts. This enables you to get the best of both worlds, SCRUM and Kanban, in the same tool i.e. SwiftKanban.

Throughput/ Velocity Charts

Throughput is a key metric in Kanban for tracking productivity in a given period and identifying process improvement opportunities. We now have this key metric in SwiftKanban that allows Kanban teams to measure throughput in terms of number of cards delivered for a specified period. It also allows SCRUM teams to measure throughput in terms of card estimates/ points delivered in a Release/ Iteration (also known as Velocity) and enables better Release/ Iteration planning.

Last but not the least, we heartily thank all our users who have motivated us and provided their valuable feedback to bring out the above features.

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