SwiftKanban Features

Powerful, Intuitive Kanban Software for all


Personal/ Team Kanban

Kanban and Visual Project Management done right!

Visualize your workflow and work, define WIP limits, highlight trouble-spots, help your teams with their daily stand-ups. SwiftKanban provides an extensive set of features.

Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban

Enterprise-level Visibility and Flow

SwiftKanban’s Portfolio Lane and multi-board Card Hierarchy features combine to deliver the most powerful Visual Portfolio Management solution for your enterprise!

Scrum/ Scrumban

Kanban made Easy for Scrum Teams!

Whether you are an Agile team look for a Scrum tool or a Scrum team evaluating Kanban to improve further, you will love SwiftKanban’s Scrum/ Scrumban capabalities!


Predictive Flow Metrics

Kanban Insights Powered by Predictive Analytics

The most comprehensive and powerful set of Lean/ Flow metrics to help your teams and organization improve and become agile.


Powerful Predictive Analytics and Risk Management

Powerful capability for teams using Kanban for Portfolio Management, Risk Assessment, Demand and Capability analysis and Forecasting Delivery based on Risk and Cost of Delay.

Story Mapping

Visualize and Plan your User Journey

Story Mapping offers you a comprehensive tool that follows the popular Story Mapping method from Jeff Patton to communicate the end-to-end user journey from a high-level big picture to actionable user stories.

Seamless Collaboration

Connect SwiftKanban with your Workflow

You don’t work in isolation. SwiftKanban connects you with your team using the most popular productivity/ office tools like Outlook, GSuite, and 1000s of others using Zapier, as well as with MS Teams and Slack!


Extensive Integrations for Real-World Agile Solutions
SwiftSync is the most enterprise-ready integration technology available today! We support over 60 popular enterprise-class tools such as TFS/ Azure DevOps, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others. Use SwiftSync to visualize work across the organization!
Swiftkanban Integrations 1

Visualize your workflow and manage your work in an Easy and Intuitive way.

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