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SwiftSync is the most enterprise-ready integration technology available today! We support over 60 enterprise-class integrations with popular tools such as Azure DevOps, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others. Use SwiftSync to visualize work across the organization! For more details, follow this link – SwiftSync Integration.

Team Collaboration

SwiftKanban lets you export work items or backlog to a file so you can edit it in Excel and import cards in XLS format from other applications into our project. You can even export your project details as an Excel file.

Webservice APIs

SwiftKanban offers a wide range of web services that are available for enterprises to integrate with SwiftKanban. We are continuously growing the list of web services based on the requirements expressed by customers, and new features being added to the product. We support both SOAP and REST API.

For more details, please check our help site.

Integrating with Slack

The skbot app for Slack provides a great way to link your SwiftKanban teams to your Slack Channels. You can now add cards to Board in SwiftKanban directly from Slack without needing to switch through sites. Similarly, you can also add any conversation in Slack to the card as a comment.

Access SwiftKanban directly from MS Teams

We’ve been using a bunch of new conferencing and chat tools these last few months. Most impressed with MS Teams, we were. And so we built an integration! Your SwiftKanban boards are now available directly as a tab on Teams. You can add and move cards, comment, update details and more, directly from that tab. Also, you can use the SwiftKanban Bot to perform actions on your board from any of your channels.

Automate your work through Zapier!

You can now integrate SwiftKanban into your work-flow using Zapier and make all your apps dovetail with your board(s). Some examples to get your started – You can now create a card on SwiftKanban by adding a new row in Airtable. You can comment on a card by sending an email or adding a task on Gmail, or by pushing a message on Slack. You can create recurring tasks on your SwiftKanban board by configuring your calendar to integrate with it via Zapier. And all of this requires just a one time setup of a Zap. The possibilities are unlimited!* We will be adding more actions that can be triggered via Zapier. If you have something in mind, please let us know and we’ll see if we can prioritize that.

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