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Introduction to SwiftKanban

SwiftKanban is a Visual Work Management Tool for helping you manage your work effectively and improve continuously. SwiftKanban leverages the simple yet powerful principles of the Kanban Method. It combines highly Configurable and Visual Workflow modeling, powerful and actionable Flow Metrics and ease of use to give you the best Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban tool. Whether you are a single team (Marketing, HR, Procurement, Legal, Software, IT, DevOps – pretty much ANY function), or an Enterprise looking to accelerate your Lean/ Agile Transformation Initiative or your Portfolio and Risk Management implementation, SwiftKanban is for you!

SwiftKanban - The Best Kanban Tool!

Team Kanban

Personal/ Team Kanban

Visualize your workflow and work, define WIP limits, highlight trouble-spots, help your teams with their daily stand-ups. SwiftKanban provides an extensive set of features. 

Portfolio Kanban

Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban

SwiftKanban’s Portfolio Lane and multi-board Card Hierarchy features combine to deliver the most powerful Visual Portfolio Management solution for your enterprise! 


Scrum/ Scrumban

Whether you are an Agile team look for a Scrum tool or a Scrum team evaluating Kanban to improve further, you will love SwiftKanban’s Scrum/ Scrumban capabilities! 

Predictive Flow Metrics

Predictive Flow Metrics

The most comprehensive and powerful set of Lean/ Flow metrics to help your teams and organization improve and become agile. 



Powerful capability for teams using Kanban for Portfolio Management, Risk Assessment, Demand and Capability analysis and Forecasting Delivery based on Risk and Cost of Delay. 

Story Mapping

Story Mapping

Story Mapping offers you a comprehensive tool that follows the popular Story Mapping method from Jeff Patton to communicate the end-to-end user journey from a high-level big picture to actionable user stories. 

Business Rules

Business Rules

Business Rules enable teams to define the basic rules that automatically keep your Boards updated, giving you more time to do your real work! Business Rules are designed to automate repetitive card updates as per your business needs.



Swiftkanban’s Roadmap module gives your Lean/ Agile teams a way to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives quickly & effectively.

Ai Powered Similarity Engine

AI-powered Similarity Engine

SwiftKanban’s AI system provides teams a list of older cards that  are similar to the ones’ they are creating or modifying, there by saving time and avoiding entering duplicate  tickets. 

Why SwiftKanban?

SwiftKanban is widely regarded as the most sophisticated Lean/ Kanban based Visual Project Management tool for managing a variety of processes in the enterprise. Its key differentiators –
  • Highly configurable to support any business or technology processes and work types.
  • Ability to model complex workflows, with multiple swim lanes and specific hierarchies in each swim lane.
  • Portfolio Kanban abilities enable modeling of work hierarchies, including multi-board Dependency tracking.
  • Widest range of Lean/ Kanban and Scrum metrics.
  • Available in both SaaS and On-Premise versions.
Swiftkanban Integrations 2

Wide Range of Integrations

SwiftKanban can be integrated with over 50 enterprise-class integrations with popular tools such as TFS, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others. Use SwiftSync to visualize work across the organization! You can now integrate SwiftKanban into your work-flow using Zapier and make all your apps dovetail with your board(s). Zapier supports over 2000 applications – and SwiftKanban is now one of them!
Soap Api


You can use SwiftKanban REST APIs as service endpoints to interact with SwiftKanban application remotely and perform various card functions.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration

You don’t work in isolation. SwiftKanban connects you with your team using the most popular productivity/ office tools like Outlook, GSuite, and 1000s of others using Zapier, as well as with MS Teams and Slack!

Case Study

Teradata implemented SwiftKanban as a solution to the complex work done in their product Build and Test phases, in some cases reducing delivery lead-time from every 6 months to every 2 weeks!
Checkout this and other customer success stories!

Integrating SwiftKanban With Microsoft Teams

SwiftKanban is available in Microsoft Teams as a tab. You can add SwiftKanban to any of your channels in the Microsoft teams to access your Kanban board and perform several activities using the SwiftKanban commands available in the MS Teams.

Stay in touch on the go! SwiftKanban Mobile App

Manage your Kanban boards on the go, any time, anywhere! Have a sudden brilliant idea? Add a card on your Kanban board instantly! Get notifications on key project events. Instantly interact and collaborate with your colleagues and customers. Comments on ongoing discussion! Keep your team updated at all times.

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