Build a DevOps Culture with Lean/ Agile ALM! ALM, CRM, DevOps and Collaboration Tools Integration


Introduction to SwiftSync

SwiftSync provides integration with leading software engineering, project management and operations support tools, including those from HP, Microsoft, IBM, Accept, Atlassian, CA Agile Central, Serena, and more! See here for the full list of SwiftSync integrations.

The SwiftSync Advantage

Organizations embarking on Agile transformation initiatives are seeking speed, flexibility, and cross-functional collaboration to deliver impactful solutions quickly. Yet, disconnected functions and their tool-sets often make them slow and rigid, operating in silos. Integrating your ALM, CRM, Productivity and Helpdesk tools using SwiftSync helps deliver the promise of Lean/ Agile!


Cross-functional visibility to information and status of work


Real-time collaboration leading to accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

Rapid Decision-making

Stakeholders involvement for consistent, timely, and reliable information to make better decisions, faster.

Integrated Alm Environment 1 2

Integrated ALM/ CRM/ DevOps Environment

In addition to SwiftSync, SwiftEnterprise’s extensive Web Services-driven External Adaptor Framework provides our customers a completely integrated ALM environment that protects their investments in existing tools and gives them unparalleled visibility across the project and the application lifecycle.

Complete Visibility and Management Capability

Consolidated Dashboards for Executives

Seamless Collaboration

You don’t work in isolation. SwiftKanban connects you with your team using the most popular productivity/ office tools like Outlook, GSuite, and 1000s of others using Zapier, as well as with MS Teams and Slack!

SwiftSync Integrations. Discover even more possibilities.

SwiftSync is the most enterprise-ready integration technology available today! We support over 50 enterprise-class integrations with popular tools such as TFS, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others. Using SwiftSync it is possible to visualize work across the organization, through an eco-system of tools.

Integrate your Delivery Lifecycle! Build a DevOps Culture with Lean/ Agile ALM!

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