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Using Kanban For Marketing1 2

Usando Kanban no Marketing

Em setembro passado, como novo membro da equipe de Marketing da Digité, eu estava me esforçando para entender os produtos da Digité e o espaço em que nos encontramos.

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Pi Planning1

Desvendando o PI Planning

Unravelling Pi Planning Personal productivity and time management tools/methods have always been a subject of interest. Numerous methods and tools have been developed over the years. However, few seem to stick over time. Given that any tool or method needs a certain level of discipline at an individual level, is there a method that can really help you manage better, visualize what you need to do and most importantly, stick? In this blog, I am going to share my own experience of tackling this challenge.

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10 Factors To Consider For Your Kanbanboard Design1 2

10 Fatores a Considerar Para Seu Design de Quadro Kanban

While starting with Kanban may appear simple enough – after all, what can be simpler than ‘start with what you have’?! – modeling your first Kanban board does require some thinking and planning as it depends on a number of factors. Learn how do you design your first Kanban board.

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Defect Userstory1 1

Como Lidar Com os Defeitos Encontrados nas Histórias de Usuários Durante o Desenvolvimento?

Kanban Design Practitioner Workshop, Digité
We often hear the question – In Kanban, what should we do if a User Story in Test column is found to have a bug that needs to be fixed? Let’s say the workflow is something like this: Todo -> Development -> Test -> Release. If a User Story has completed Development and moved to Test, and a tester finds a bug, what should we do to that User Story? Is it right to leave that User Story in Test and the developer should stop their current development work to fix this Defect first? If so, does this mean that developers must be interrupted all the time to clear the bugs found in Test?

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