State Of Kanban 2021

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The survey conducted was a joint effort by Kanban University and SwiftKanban. More than 1,000 Kanban practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world have spoken! We now have the results from the 2021 State of Kanban survey. From the survey we have summarized 5 key messages:
  • Kanban is global and across many industries.
  • Kanban scales, both to multiple teams and to multiple functional areas.
  • Kanban works, with 76% reporting Kanban to be more or much more effective than other methods.
  • Tooling matters. Tools designed for Kanban are highly recommended, while general agile tools claiming to have Kanban support fall short.
  • Training works. Those respondents that took training reported significantly higher utilization of key Kanban practices.
Kanban is also not just for Information Technology (IT). Certainly, Software Development and IT represented the largest number of responses, but many other functional areas were represented as well. Download your copy!
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