Untangling Business Processes through the Kanban Lens

The IT services of a large research hospital, which recently adopted Kanban, is typical of many large business organizations. Multiple user groups, internal technical departments, regulatory and safety authorities, as well as external contractors, collaborate to respond to a wide range of IT requests, ranging from the installations of tablets and printers on hospital wards, through to the technical infrastructure for new buildings and diagnostic facilities.

The business processes behind these services are complex webs of interactions involving hand-offs, approvals, and signoffs from multiple players. How did Kanban – in particular, the “Kanban Lens” – help to untangle this web to provide a clear view of the work items involved, as well as the process that controls them? This webinar explores this question and shows how, in so many business contexts, Kanban provides the enabling constraints to see more clearly and manage effectively.

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About the Presenter: 

AndyThe webinar will be presented by Dr. Andy Carmichael. Andy is a consultant, coach and trainer in Kanban. He’s the co-author, with David Anderson of “Essential Kanban Condensed” (2016), the definitive short guide to the Kanban method, and is an experienced mentor, manager, and business builder. He draws on wide and deep experience in multiple industry sectors, multiple methods, to provide pragmatic and actionable analysis.

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