Discovering Discovery Kanban

Have you ever heard that the Kanban Method was designed to support a team’s work in the systems’ maintenance area? Yes, we’ve heard it too.

Kanban is much more than that and with Discovery Kanban you open your process to the new world of possibilities and process improvement!

Watch the webinar to learn about what Discovery Kanban is and how you can apply the concepts of real options, triage and Discovery Kanban design to engage your organization into real and meaningful conversation with your customers.

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About the Presenter:
AnnaThis webinar is presented by Anna Radzikowska, Product Manager, Kanban Maturity Model. Anna has over 13 years of experience in finance, training, and project management: working in the public sector, big companies and running her own business.

She always combines project work with its practical application in daily activities, which results in continuous support, training, and improvements also after the project ends. She is kaizen culture and Kanban method passionate. Being an ACCA member helps her to better understand the business which she’s working with but also gives her another angle view on different (including financial) aspects of software development and product support.

Currently Anna works as Product Manager of a Kanban Maturity Model, which supports modern businesses in growing into fit for purpose organization.

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