Enterprise Services Planning with Kanban 02 – Measuring the Right KPIs

The second webinar on Enterprise Services Planning with Kanban – Measuring the Right KPIs, was presented by David J Anderson on April 29th, 2015

David Anderson is a thought leader, originator of the Kanban Method and Enterprise Service Planning. He is the pioneer to use Kanban Systems for improved service delivery, strategy, fitness for purpose, operational management and governance of modern business. He has authored, “Essential Kanban Condensed”, “Lessons in Agile Management” and many more books. Popular speaker and presenter. David is Chairman of Lean Kanban, Inc., and he has been an Advisor to Digité, Inc. since 2011 and consults with us for our Lean/ Kanban product strategy.

[rankya_youtube_schema id=”Zm1eWhK94KM” videotitle=”Enterprise Services Planning with Kanban – David J Anderson – Part 2 – Measuring the Right KPIs” desc=”This is the second webinar in the series ‘Enterprise Services Planning with Kanban’ presented by David J Anderson and SwiftKanban” durationmin=”73″ durationsec=”46″ uplod=”2015-04-29″ rating=”TRUE”]

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