Enterprise Services Planning – Replicating Team-level Success in the Enterprise

Kanban is now table stakes for many businesses managing enterprise services delivery. They have learned that introducing Kanban to their management system has improved service delivery with typical results showing 400% increase in delivery rate, drops in lead time ranging from 50% to 90%, and significant gains in predictability and on-time delivery.

As management teams look to replicate this success across the organization, they need to look at interdependent services and work flows – and plan holistically to be able to answer typical questions of ‘enterprise services delivery’. This is what Enterprise Services Planning with Kanban is all about.

[rankya_youtube_schema id=”TWhXGq9gqfs” videotitle=”Enterprise Services Planning – Replicating Team-level Success in the Enterprise” desc=”In this webinar presented by David J Anderson, founder of Lean Kanban Inc, and Dr. Ramesh Patil, CTO, Digite, Inc., you’ll also learn more about the ESP module in SwiftKanban, which we are releasing this month.” durationmin=”78″ durationsec=”15″ uplod=”2016-04-14″ rating=”TRUE”]

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