Getting to the Right OKR tooling – Lessons from the Trenches!

Getting to the Right OKR Tooling - Lessons from the Trenches

OKRs has become a trending topic since 2022. As companies reviewed their OKR performance in early 2023, many questions have arisen about how to effectively use the OKR method. Simply purchasing a tool to enter OKRs and view reports is not enough.

In this webinar, we cover common problems that organizations face, such as:

  • How can we back OKRs that have the potential to outperform, rather than operate looking at the rearview mirror?
  • When working with Projects or Initiatives, rather than Epics and Stories, how can we best map OKRs to progress?
  • How can we prioritize learning and development as a core component of the OKR initiative?
  • We have linked OKRs to bonuses. What now?
  • Will AI have any impact on our OKR program?
  • Who should have access to view specific OKRs, and how should this be determined?


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About the Presenter:

Avinash Rao

Avinash Rao has spent 20+ years in IT and has gained deep experience and expertise in leading and executing DevOps and Lean-Agile Transformations. He is a Master BPMP, Kanban University KMP-2 Certified, a DASA DevOps Coach and DOI SRE Foundation certified. Avinash is a thought leader who speaks frequently in industry forums and is passionate about achieving Enterprise Agility.

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