Information Pyramid in BDD

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) centers around the collaborative exploration of requirements in alignment with business goals, making it inherently focused on fostering engagement and interaction. Unfortunately, it is often misconstrued as solely being concerned with automating user acceptance criteria, which overlooks its true purpose. Discover the power of BDD and its synergy with Agile practices, as we dive into the concept of the “Information Pyramid in BDD.”

This webinar facilitates meaningful discussions not only about promoting this engagement and interaction but also about determining the appropriate level of information granularity required at each stage of the journey, encompassing impacts and requirements from strategy to delivery value streams.

In this webinar, you will:

🔑 Learn key components of the Information Pyramid
🌐 Explore vital roles in the BDD process across different layers
💡 Uncover best practices for managing information in BDD scenarios
🤝 Gain insights into efficient collaboration through the Information Pyramid

Watch the recording here:

Hosted by: Jerome Josephraj from NoCodeBDD


About the Presenter:

Ashwini LalitAshwini Lalit is a Senior Manager of Product Quality at NimbleWork Inc. She is a test evangelist with over 20 years of experience in IT. Her expertise lies in Test Project Management, Test Strategy, and Tools/Technology Research. She focuses on driving test automation and mentoring teams in agile testing and continuous testing. Ashwini holds an MS in Software Systems from BITS Pilani and actively participates as a speaker at technology meetups. Additionally, she has a strong interest in urban farming and environmental sustainability.

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