Kanban comes of age! In these times that demand organizational resilience, the Kanban Maturity Model is here to help

Organizational maturity enables resilience. An ability to bounce back, to withstand setbacks, and to reinvent itself, is what this decade demands. Kanban should be at the core of our organizational design strategy in these tough economic times. This webinar will outline how and why the Kanban Maturity Model is the right tool to build a resilient organization, fit to take on the economic challenges that lie ahead.

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About the Speaker:
David AndersonDavid J Anderson is the pioneer in the use of kanban systems for improved service delivery in professional services and creative, knowledge work businesses. He is the originator of the Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning for improved service delivery; co-creator of the Fit-for-Purpose Framework for strategy, market research, marketing and organizational measurement, management trainer and consultant; and popular conference speaker and presenter.

David is the author of the books Kanban Maturity Model: Evolving Fit-for-Purpose Organizations, Fit for Purpose: How Modern Businesses Find, Satisfy & Keep Customers, Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business, Lessons in Agile Management, and Agile Management for Software Engineering.

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