Experiences in how Kanban contributes to Agility Transformation

In this webinar, Masa K Maeda, who took Kanban to numerous companies in over 10 countries, will share some of his experiences for successful agility adoption that includes Kanban in situations such as:

  • Organizations that only consider Scrum
  • Non-software organizations (PMO, Customer care, Event organizations, Legal)
  • Mixed Scrum-Scrumban-Kanban adoption
  • Transitioning from waterfall or Scrum to Kanban

Date of the Webinar will be Announced Soon!

About the Presenter:

Masa K MaedaMasa is a Senior Agile Coach with UST in the USA. Over the previous 12 years he was the founder and principal of Valueinnova LLC, an international business dedicated to enterprise agility services. He is currently part of the team that is bringing agility to one of the largest financial institutions worldwide. He is also a steward with XSCALE, and a coordinating committee member of the Kanban for Knowledge Work Alliance, the DevOps++ Alliance, and the Agile Testing Alliance. He is one of the co-creators of the Lean Kanban University. Before focusing entirely on agility transformations, Masa was a co-founder of five startups in Silicon Valley, and also did R&D at Apple Inc. Masa is a frequent speaker, including keynotes, at international conferences.

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