Kanban vs SAFe®

In this webinar, we will review the similarities and differences between Kanban and SAFe® and how they help organizations move along the path to Real Agility at a large scale. This webinar is ideally suited for program managers, senior managers, directors, and senior leaders who are responsible for coordinating at least 50 people in complex service delivery programs. The emphasis in this webinar is on IT environments, but is applicable to any type of large-scale complex work environment.

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The webinar is presented by Travis Birch, Partner at BERTEIG and an Accredited Kanban Trainer, a Kanban Coaching Professional and a SAFe® Program Consultant. Travis is experienced in implementing both Kanban and SAFe® at a program level in large organizations and has over a decade of hands on experience helping leaders and organizations achieve business agility, fitness and survivability, customer focus, service-orientation, sustainability, flow of customer value and continuous improvement.

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