Exponential Growth and Organizational Agility at Magalu

Imagine you are invited to help a retail company that is almost 60 years old to become more digital. This company is large, with more than 20000 employees, the IT department is conservative, and its stakeholders aren’t happy due to long lead times and constant issues in production. What would you do to launch new and innovative products such as mobile apps?

Many organizations talk about digital and agile transformation – this session intends to actually walk you through the story of Luizalabs, an innovation lab that is part of one of the biggest retail companies in Brazil, Magalu. How was it created? What were the main challenges? What is a Galapagos Islands strategy? How was it received, and how has it spread throughout the entire company?

Watch the webinar and learn how Lean/ Kanban helped one of Brazil’s largest companies go from “a retail business with an IT department” to “a digital platform with physical stores and human touch”.

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The session is be presented by Henrique Imbertti. Henrique is the Director of Organizational Agility at Magalu, one of the largest retail companies in Brazil. His agile journey began a couple of decades ago while working as a designer and developer, and since 2008 he has been working as a change agent helping companies face the VUCA world and adopt modern management practices.

About the Presenter:

Henrique ImberttiHenrique Imbertti has worked as an Agile Coach at Spotify and experienced the evolution of a digital company. Before that he worked with some startups, and at Yahoo! Brazil – where he had his first contact with the Silicon Valley culture. He has an MBA in Project Management and a BA in Design – customer centricity and design thinking are part of his DNA.

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