Portfolio and Upstream Kanban

Software/ product development teams, product managers, owners and other stakeholders struggle with the challenge of how to prioritize WHAT to build and WHEN to build it. Kanban provides them powerful tooling to overcome these challenges.

Based on our own experience and that of some of our customers, two factors have emerged as real catalysts to successful meeting of these challenges. These are Portfolio Kanban and Upstream Kanban – powerful weapons for product managers and portfolio managers to truly align strategy to execution.

In this session, we will present what these two techniques mean, how to implement them, how our customers as well as we ourselves at Digité have implemented them, and how they have contributed significantly to successful development and launching of products and applications.

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About Presenter:

Mahesh SinghThe webinar is presented by Mahesh Singh. Mahesh is an Entrepreneur and a Lean/ Agile Product Management, Marketing and Consulting leader. He began his career in India and has been based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1992. He is a co-founder at Digité, Inc., his second startup, where he is currently heading the Marketing and Consulting functions. He is a Kanban University AKT and AKC. As part of his work at Digité, he works with most European and American clients, to provide Lean/ Agile training and coaching; he also runs Digité’s implementation engagements for SwiftKanban and other Digité products.

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