Getting to Yes – Feedback and Replenishment in Kanban

This webinar is presented by Joey Spooner. Here’s how the idea for the session came about, in his own words –

“About two months after I started as a director for a technology solutions team, I was told I could not say “no” to the faculty’s project requests. The leadership that gave me this policy also led with a value-based statement of “fanatical service” or recurring achievement. I was always stuck in a position of saying “yes” to anything that was asked of me. The underlying pressure to achieve, regardless of sustainable and good quality delivery, was palpable.

Two years later, I left that position with a lot of unfinished projects. I learned a lot in that role, as did the leadership. We agreed that saying “no” was not a politically advantageous position within the organization, but saying “not yet” may work. I have carried on the “not yet” concept as I use and develop Kanban systems of managing work within the U.S. government and commercial businesses.”

In this webinar, Joey will explain how feedback from a Kanban system can inform and develop how you replenish a Kanban system with a goal for getting to “yes”.

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About the Presenter:


Joey Spooner is an Accredited Kanban Trainer, Kanban Coaching Professional, and Accredited Kanban Consultant at TriTech Enterprise Systems, Inc. In a 19-year career spanning the communications, insurance, higher education, non-profit, and government sectors, Joey has been a software developer, IT director, strategic analyst, coach, technical systems expert, and consultant. Joey holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Florida.

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