Webinar: Scrum and Kanban Revisited

Do you think that combining the #Kanban principles and practices with the #Scrum Framework will enhance the collaboration across your agile teams?

This question – and a subsequent discussion on Scrum vs. Kanban – prompted Mike to address several myths – and some truths – about Scrum and Kanban. In this webinar, Mike discusses this topic in depth. If you are an Agile team member interested in understanding Kanban, you will enjoy this webinar.

Mike Burrows is a Founder at Agendashift, Director at Positive Incline Ltd. He is a champion and enabler of outcome-oriented transformation & strategy, Agendashift founder, 2-time author (Agendashift, Kanban from the Inside), and creator (Featureban, Changeban, and more) Consultant, coach, trainer, and international keynote speaker. Former Executive Director, interim CTO, global development manager. Interim delivery manager for two UK government digital ‘exemplar’ projects. Winner, Brickell Key award, community contribution.

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