Flow – The Secret Sauce for Business Agility

Flow has been a key premise of Lean thinking. Lean thinking has taught us to focus on elimination of wasteful activities (from a Customer Value point of view), pull-based execution, limiting the number of things that we work in parallel (WIP), and Cycle Time reduction. All these, together, help improve the flow of work across the value stream.

In this edition of Kanban Konversations, our Kanban experts will discuss why Flow driven execution is critical to drive Business Agility. We’ll discuss how business volatility that causes frequent changes in prioritization builds Flow Debt. We’ll help identify patterns that improve Flow and those that are detrimental to it. We will also share some of the metrics that indicate Flow and how to interpret the data thereof.

This webinar is presented by our Co-founder & CMO Mahesh Singh (AKT/ KCP) along with the Head Of Engineering and Products at Digite – Sudipta Lahiri (SPC4, AKT, KCP, DAD/CDA)

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