SwiftKanban – Product Updates and Roadmap

SwiftKanban has made rapid strides in the last 12 months. From new features to support the Upstream process by introducing capabilities for Story Mapping and improvements in Release/ Sprint planning, to strengthening the Downstream execution by adding sophisticated options for automatic % progress computation, SwiftKanban has reinforced its position in the marketplace as a leading Kanban product.

Simultaneously, SwiftKanban continues to work to improve its user experience in multiple directions. We continue to invest in improving our Chatbot by building better training models to improve end-user response.

We’ve also strengthened SwiftKanban’s ability to collaborate with other ecosystems – we’re now available on the Zapier and MS Teams marketplaces. We’ve also introduced plug-ins for easy integration with MS Outlook, with support for inhouse applications as well.

In this webinar we will share all the new capabilities we’ve delivered in the recent past, and show you some of what will be made available immediate future. You will also get a sneak preview of our upcoming industry-leading Agile Program Management capability!

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