Customer Kanban – Pushing the Boundaries of Kanban to Deliver Business Agility

The purpose of a business organization is to create value for its customers through meaningful work. In a fast-paced world, this proves to be quite a challenge. Organizations need to cope with a fluctuating, fragmented, and often, conflicting demand. This is the source of much frustration and tension (and loss of value).

In this webinar, Patrick Steyaert talks about how Customer Kanban together with Upstream Kanban can be used to overcome this tension. They are the start of a journey towards Business Agility by engaging the whole organization, not just the delivery team.

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About Speaker:
Patrick Steyaert an integrative thinker and change agent, working with organizations to establish flow in knowledge work to improve agility and predictability in the context of innovation and change. He is a Lean Kanban University trainer and coach and regular speaker at international conferences. Patrick is also the winner of the 2015 Brickell-Key award for his work on Discovery Kanban, a recognition of an exceptional contribution to the Kanban community. He is the founder of Okaloa, a coaching and training company whose main purpose is to help customers bring more “flow” in their organization. He is the developer of Okaloa Flowlab, a set of board play simulations to experience flow.

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