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Handling ticket Issues With Kanban

David J Anderson’s book on Kanban shows us that a way to handle ticket issues is by attaching a color tag to a ticket to make it visible. An issue is a ticket-related event that becomes an impediment to its value flow, such as a defect, insufficient definition, unresolved dependency, etc. What I encounter often is, people have a natural tendency to move the ticket to where the dependency lies.

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Visualizing Cycles in Kanban

At a training session in Kitchener Waterloo, Canada. I was asked how to visualize and handle cycles in a Kanban board. The images below show a way to do it as a physical board and on an electronic board such as Swift Kanban. Tickets within a cycle move from left to right, from one column to the next until and cycle back as many times as necessary and once done they move to the Done column at the the end of the cycle. Note that columns inside the cycle can contain their own Done columns.

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