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Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder Communication: 8 Valuable, Actionable Tips

Stakeholder communication is as hard as any communication. But you need to get it right to if you want your project to succeed. Here are 8 tips to help you.

Improving Team Health And Performance

9 Essential Aspects of Team Health and Retrospectives

Team health can make or break a project. Retrospectives, especially with online tools that provide safety through anonymity, are a great way to improve it.

Maximizing Team Performance

Team Agreements: The Way for Teams to Gel and Perform

Team agreements are hot. But what are they, why do you want one, what goes in them, and how do you make them work for you?

Retrospectives Love Or Loathe Them

Retrospectives: Love or Loathe Them? Make Them Work for You!

Retrospectives: you love ’em or loathe ’em. Find out the pros and cons, how alleged cons have more to do with how they’re conducted, and how to fix them.

Tracking Okrs

Tracking OKRs: Where the Real OKR Magic Happens

Tracking OKRs may sound terribly tedious, but it’s where the real magic happens. Learn how it works its magic and how to set it up.

Implementing Okrs

Implementing OKRs: 11 Do’s and 8 Don’ts for OKR Success

Implementing OKRs is desirable but also challenging. Here are 11 do’s and 8 don’t to be successful with OKRs.

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Humanizing Work!

This long weekend gave me a chance to reflect on how my perceptions of the world have been challenged by the “here and now” media speak. The “Doom & Gloom” media channels are exploiting the rich environment of negative news with gusto – war, poverty, shootings et al. If we run a sentiment analysis of any media channel, I would not be surprised if it is classified as 90% negative

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The Changing Landscape for Digital Transformation Projects

Businesses, I believe, are being challenged in unprecedented ways to respond to market realities and demands. There is no play book available for some of the large changes that we are witnessing today both on the demand side as well as supply side. Newer technologies are constantly challenging the existing status quo and traditional industries are getting reimagined and disrupted. And all this is happening at tremendous pace and scale. This has put Digital Transformation initiatives on steroids.

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