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Adaptive Project Management And The Future Of Work

Adaptive Project Management and the Future Of Work: What You Should Know

Adaptive project management can be better approach for your projects than Agile and waterfall. Find out why it could, and discover tips to help you decide.
Why You Need A Corporate Jester On Your Team

Hearing Truth as a Leader? You Must Be Jesting!

Hearing truth is crucial to address issues that keep you from reaching the full potential of your organization. Here’s an uncommon way to hear what you need to hear.
Retrospectives In Pdca Cycles For Continuous Improvement

Retrospectives in PDCA Cycles for Continuous Improvement

Navigate to Retrospectives in PDCA Cycles for Continuous Improvement Continuous improvement is essential for all organizations that want to survive and thrive in a world that changes faster and faster.When you are in the software development space, you likely use
Managing Scope Change For Project Success

Scope Change: 7 Tips To Handle It With Project Success in Mind

Scope change is part of the deal. What matter is how you handle it. Read our 7 tips to do so effectively and with your project’s success top of mind.

Motivating Your Team

How To Motivate Your Team (Is that even possible?)

How to motivate your team? With 85% of workers disengaged, it sounds like mission impossible. Plenty of engaged high-performing teams show it isn’t.

Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder Communication: 8 Valuable, Actionable Tips

Stakeholder communication is as hard as any communication. But you need to get it right to if you want your project to succeed. Here are 8 tips to help you.


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This long weekend gave me a chance to reflect on how my perceptions of the world have been challenged by the “here and now” media speak.

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