Digite releases SwiftKanban 3.0: The Most Enterprise-Ready Kanban Tool!


Mountain View, CA

Silicon Valley-based Lean/ Agile ALM vendor Digité announced v3.0 of its SwiftKanban product, enhancing and introducing a number of new features that make SwiftKanban “the most Collaborative, User-Friendly, Integrated and “Enterprise-Ready” Kanban tool”.

Announcing the release, AV Sridhar, Digité CEO, said “SwiftKanban 3.0 represents some of the best capabilities in for collaborative Lean/ Agile and Visual Project Management. With SwiftKanban 3.0, we believe that almost anyone who wants to manage their work better using a visual paradigm can do so easily. SwiftKanban is already considered the best Kanban and Visual Management tool in the market. With v3.0, we hope and believe that this opinion will be further strengthened.”

With Great Power comes Greater Usability and UI

Providing further details, Digité Sr. VP – Product, Mahesh Singh, said – “SwiftKanban v3.0 combines greater functional capability with a completely revamped User Interface and enhanced Usability. I am pleased that we have been able to address numerous suggestions that our users have made in terms of UI and usability – as well as new features!”

Some of the key features include a revamped color schematic, multiple user-selectable themes, better menu organization and layout for ease of navigation as well as greater space on the screen for the Kanban board and other visual enhancements to help users work more effectively with a Kanban board. An enhanced Legend capability provides users the ability to quickly track different types of work across the board. A new Aging view gives teams dramatic insight into which cards need attention because they haven’t been touched in a while!

Enhancements to Board and Analytics drive greater Project Success

SwiftKanban v3.0 provides the biggest board in the available space on an electronic screen. Combined with the menu reorganization, 3 levels of zoom allow users to select between more board vs. more card details depending on the context of their use. A new “hierarchy” icon is now shown on all cards that are in a hierarchy or linked to other cards – so users can click on that and directly view the linked cards, making it easier to manage Portfolio and Enterprise Kanban scenarios.
Kanban provides tremendous insights to teams about their performance and enables them to make realistic commitments with confidence. SwiftKanban v3.0 puts real power in users’ hands with the enhanced CFD with predictive capability and more precise selection of lanes for Lead/ Cycle Time measurement in specific parts of the Kanban board.

Real-time Collaboration and Updates

While electronic tools are known to enhance collaboration for distributed teams, SwiftKanban 3.0 takes it to a new, fun level with 2 real-time capabilities! Board and Card level Chat (Beta) allow the board team members to instantaneously chat with people in the next room or building or country – and easily sync up on any issue. They can even capture their conversation as comments at the project or card level – so others get to know what was discussed when a card was worked on.
With v3.0, SwiftKanban also provides real-time updates on what other updates are happening on the Board – and keeps all users informed by providing updates in real-time on the corner of the board as they happen.

Enterprise Class Integrations with SwiftSync

SwiftKanban is used in a variety of scenarios and with a wide range of tools. In support of that, we are thrilled to announce SwiftSync for SwiftKanban with over 30 out of the box adaptors. SwiftSync provides robust, scalable integration with enterprise class capabilities such as workflow driven business-rules, roll-back and recovery and integrated Traceability. A wide range of popular tools such as Microsoft TFS, Atlassian JIRA, Rally, HP ALM, IBM Rational, Accept 360, GIT, Subversion, CVS and many more are now available for our customers to use immediately!

To learn more, please contact [email protected].

About Digité

Digité, Inc. is a leading provider of Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM) products and solutions for the Global Delivery Model. SwiftALM, SwiftKanban and SwiftSync are Digité’s flagship products that enable technology and project organizations successfully manage technology and other projects, products and applications through effective collaboration between globally distributed teams. Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, Digité provides all critical functions needed by distributed software teams in a collaborative, integrated, web-based platform.

Digité is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. For further information, please contact [email protected] or visit www.digite.com/swiftkanban/

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