David Anderson becomes Advisor to Digite


Digite, Inc. is thrilled to announce that David J. Anderson, leading authority on managing highly effective software teams, has become Advisor to Digite, to help guide Digite’s strategy for Lean/ Agile ALM products and solutions.

David has been a manager and leader of great software teams delivering cutting-edge software products since 1991. He has a successful track record of building progressively bigger teams capable of hyper-productive performance and superior quality.

David is a founder of the Lean Software & Systems Consortium, a not for profit organization that seeks to bring a new level of professional conduct and capability to the software and systems engineering professions. Recently David has been focusing his attention on business agility and enterprise-scale agile software transitions through a synergy of the CMMI model for organizational maturity with Agile and Lean methods. David has authored two books, the most famous being “KANBAN, Successful Evolutionary Change For Your Technology Business”

Speaking on the occasion, Digite President and CEO, Mr. AV Sridhar said – “We are thrilled to have David as an Advisor to Digite. David is a world-renowned thought-leader in leading highly effective software teams. His pioneering work in Lean/ Kanban for software development is known the world over. I expect that the Digite team and Digite customers who are implementing Agile methods and tools will benefit tremendously from this relationship.”

Commenting on the occasion, David said, “I am very happy to become Advisor to Digite. As an Agile ALM software company, Digite has an exciting set of products and solutions which have won it customers around the world. In the increasingly connected world of distributed software teams, tools such as Digite’s have a tremendous role to play in helping organizations adopt Lean/ Kanban systems globally and scale Agile to the enterprise level.”

Digite, Inc. is a leading Agile ALM vendor providing pioneering products and solutions to customers around the world. It has recently launched its Swift line of products focused on Agile software development. Swift-Kanban, the first product in that line, is specifically built to help customers with geographically distributed teams adopt Kanban as a method to improve their software engineering and project delivery processes, and help improve throughput and quality. As Advisor to Digite, David (and his team at DJ Anderson & Associates) will guide Digite in formulating their product roadmap as well as help their Digite clients in adopting Lean/ Kanban for software development.

David J Anderson:
David J. Anderson and Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to new collaborative methods of leadership and management for 21st Century knowledge worker industries. David J. Anderson and Associates works with a network of global partners to deliver training and consulting services aimed at making software engineering teams more effective, productive and efficient.
For further information, please visit- http://agilemanagement.net

About Digite:
Digite, Inc. is a leading provider of Agile Application Lifecycle Management products and solutions for the Global Delivery Model. Digité Enterprise, Digite’s flagship product enables technology enterprises, big and small, successfully manage technology projects, products and applications. Digite facilitates successful collaboration between globally distributed teams. Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, Digite provides all critical functions needed by distributed software teams in a collaborative, integrated, web-based platform.

Digite is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.
For further information on this press release or other marketing inquiries, please contact Digite Marketing or 650-210-3949

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