Digité is sponsoring Lean Kanban North America 2015 at Miami, Florida


Digité/ SwiftKanban is thrilled to present a special session where Kanban practitioners and thought leaders will share field reports – customer experiences – with implementing Kanban. You are invited to join in the discussion in the familiar ‘Lean Coffee’ format but over lunch! You will be able to vote on topics that you would like to discuss. The topics will be discussed in the order of the number of votes they receive.

The panel includes –

Gary Perkerwicz – Automated Testing, TK/ Kanban Coach, Orbital ATK
Michael Blaha – Optum
Dragos Dumitriu – CC Pace
Ramesh Patil, CTO, Digité
Sudipta Lahiri, SVP – Digité
Mahesh Singh, Cofounder, SVP – Digité
Some of the suggested topics for the session are listed below based on the experience of our distinguished panel.

Organization, Culture, and Communication: Talking about Kanban at different levels of a large organization (Mike Blaha)
Coexisting with SAFe and Kanban (Mike Blaha)
Lean Startup using Kanban – Are we Building the Right “It”? (Mike Blaha)
Analyzing Analytics in (Swift)Kanban (Gary Perkerwicz)
Experiments – Practicing Kata (Gary Perkerwicz)
Respect for People is the Key for Continuous Improvement? (Dragos Dumitriu)
Statistical forecasting (Ramesh Patil)
Kanban in Large Fixed Price/ Fix Cost Projects (Sudipta Lahiri)

At the start of the session, you can vote on these topics as well as suggest others that attendees can vote on. Over lunch, we will tally up the votes and start the discussion right after lunch.

Seats are limited! We would like to have a cozy and meaningful, interactive and energetic session with about 50 attendees – so that each of us can carry back some useful and actionable lessons from it back to our respective organizations.

To book your spot, you must RSVP here or pick up your pass at the SwiftKanban booth. Capacity is strictly limited for this session!

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