End-of-Life Announcement for Digite Enterprise


Digité Enterprise – End of Life (EOL) Announcement
We are announcing the “End of Life” (EoL) of our Digité Enterprise product. We will stop supporting the product, currently at v6.5, by December 31st, 2015.

We launched Digité Enterprise in 2002 and over the last 12 years, it has been the backbone not only of our business, but also that of our customers, especially IT consulting and services companies, who ran a substantial chunk of their business on Digité Enterprise to collaborate with their customers or their own teams around the globe, to standardize their processes and to provide enterprise-wide visibility.

During that time, the world has changed dramatically. Newer technologies in the areas of UI, Mobility, analytics and collaboration have made big leaps and brought the world closer together and connected 24×7. Enterprise software has also become driven by the User Experience (UX) and using a combination of UI, navigation, user context and domain awareness, the user experience has become a key ingredient in helping teams use technology to collaborate better and produce greater, higher value outcomes – and at far greater levels of productivity than observed before.

SwiftALM – the Next Generation ALM!

At Digité, we have been hard at work to harness these developments and make available the next generation platform and solutions that will help our customers stay ahead of the curve!

As you are aware, we announced the general availability of our new product SwiftALM almost a year back. SwiftALM represents a giant step forward in terms of UI, User Experience, visibility, mobility, collaboration and analytics. We already have a number of new customers on SwiftALM and many customers have upgraded from Digité Enterprise 6.5 to SwiftALM. We are now pleased to offer it to all our customers. We are confident that SwiftALM will represent the next generation of capability for your organization to collaboratively deliver your products and services to your global customers.

SwiftALM comes with a number of dramatic new capabilities –

  • A new User Interface
  • A new intuitive, fast and easy to navigate layout
  • An upgraded STaRT module for simple project and resource management
  • SwiftAnalytics – an optional powerful package for custom report and charts development without any coding
  • SwiftRules – an optional versatile business rules engine for defining simple to sophisticated business rules to impact the behavior of workflow and other application events.
  • SwiftSync – an optional enterprise-class enterprise Integration bus technology that allows you to integrate with more than 50 third-party software engineering and project management tools

This is not all. We continue to extend and improve SwiftALM. Some of the newer modules in the roadmap include a revamped Agile module, powerful collaboration capabilities, enhanced analytics with simulation and forecasting, enhanced program management, etc.

Please Contact Us ASAP

SwiftALM is available for immediate upgrade. You can learn more about SwiftALM at https://www.digite.com/products/swiftalm We request you to immediately contact your sales or support contact person at Digité to learn more and to plan your upgrade to SwiftALM as soon as possible.

We look forward to your continued support and to helping your organization smoothly transition to SwiftALM within a short period of time, to ensure an uninterrupted support for your ALM/ Project Management environment.

Write to us at [email protected] or contact your local Digité contact to plan your upgrade today!

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