TechCrunch: Agile Project Management Software SwiftKanban Aims To Help Organizations Get Lean

Digite, a company that develops lean/agile application life-cycle management products, is announcing that it is offering its Lean/Agile Project Management software Swift-Kanban for free to non-profits. Digite is also launching integration of Swift-Kanban with Atlassian’s Jira to bring developer issue management and helpdesk operations to the Kanban board.

SwiftKanban leverages the Kanban Method developed by David J. Anderson to help organizations become more lean in communications and product development using highly visual management and as a result deliver products and services more quickly and with higher quality.

Some of the key features of the web-based product include a visual Kanban Board, with color-coded drag-n-drop cards, work-item classification, to-do checklists as well as metrics, dashboards, and reports. Because of the visual nature of the product, Swift-Kanban allows you to visualize your workflow with post-it-like notes on a Kanban board, each representing a workflow stage through which your work can flow.

Users can create personalized dashboard views available for each team member, and create lanes for each task. You can also pre-define a list of tasks and checklists for each card type and add discussion threads, audit logs, attachments, rich text editing, notifications, Inbox, role-based security.

While Swift-Kanban is already being used by software developers, the company is looking to appeal to organizations outside of the engineering world, hence the free offering for non-profits. Competitors in the space include Basecamp, Sprintly, Trello and others.

Source: TechCrunch

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